• Civilization: When Worse Becomes Better

    Civilization can be viewed as linear progress. First we were apes that learnt to walk, use tools and ultimately conquered the world. We established rights and reduced violence. We advanced our understanding of the universe through science. We used technology to further improve our living condition. The best culture won: liberal democracy. The end of history.

  • Solving the Problem-Solving Problem

    Let’s see if my problem-solving methodology applies to itself. It consists in answering three questions:

  • What is a Tree?

    Ask a child to draw a tree. You will probably end up with a brown trunk and green leaves. Maybe some nascent roots. Children are so materialistic.

  • Experimental Declaration of Independence of 2019

    I have held a Google account since 2004 and a Facebook account since 2008. Both are now scheduled for deletion.

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