The deal for the new working generation: work 50 years giving away 50-70% of your income in taxes and contributions, and get the right to retire at 70, earning a pension taken from the next generation.

Who benefits from the current generation’s labor? Two classes: current pensioners, and other capital owners. What labour did capital owners provide? None, ever. Just look at the shitshow that the stock market is. So what did they do to maintain themselves in the system? They allied themselves with pensioners in order to extract rent from the younger generation. Thankfully pensioners vote quite diligently. Democracy and rent extraction are maintained.

The supposed solidarity is bullshit. I call it exploitation. There is no choice. Everywhere on earth, rent, taxes and contributions must be paid. And on its way to your grandmother’s coffers, some people take a cut.

I wonder why we aren’t giving it directly to our grandmothers.

Young(ish) people, take a step back. Stop paying until you are given your fair share of capital. Just imagine what you could do with 50% of your income. Including helping out your grandmother if you wished!