I have held a Google account since 2004 and a Facebook account since 2008. Both are now deleted.

I remember the early days. Google was providing cutting-edge services while making the world’s information universally accessible. Facebook kept you in touch with your friends.

Nowadays, they are mostly in the business of racketeering. Anybody who wants to reach their users has to pay them. To maintain this monopoly, they have allied themselves with unsavory government agencies. They have a deal. Don’t break us up, and in exchange, we will provide you with a database of your citizen’s personal information. You know, the information that you cannot legally collect yourself.

I recognize that they offer convenient services. They are free. They are secure from hackers. They are fast.

But is it right to sell our freedom - and the freedom of others - for convenience? Remember, if you don’t pay, you - and your friends - are the product.