Why don’t humans have fur? We lost it so that we could adapt to any condition. Clothing technology has been there for a long time. We don’t even know when it started. It could be anything from 500,000 to 50,000 years ago. Whenever this happened, one thing is for sure: we wouldn’t have conquered the world without it.

The technology is now part of us. Burnt by the sun, frozen by the cold, there is no place on earth where a white man can survive naked. There is no going back.

Should the first man that stepped out of the sweet climate of the tropical forest have not done so? What if out ancestor had been an early Luddite?

Presumably he didn’t get to ask himself the question. He was trying to escape some tiger.

We know how that played for tigers eventually. They are now dead, or a shadow of their former selves. It’s the tiger who should have asked himself the question.

There will always be tigers. There has always been. The latest is climate change. We have already started running. Aren’t we glad that we have no fur?