I cant help but notice people complaining about:

  • politicians;
  • banks;
  • environmental damage;
  • corporate monopolies;
  • media bias and censorship (from TV to social networks).

… while at the same time happily being on the take:

  • relying on politicians to loot other consituencies;
  • taking huge loans to buy a house;
  • working for corporations or for the state that keep skirting the (their own!) law;
  • relying on CNN, Google and Facebook (hello WhatsApp) to learn or say anything.

Didn’t we reject the nuremberg defense a long while ago?

You were given a conscience. Why are you abdicating it in favor of amoral systems and organizations?

You, the bank employee, the teacher, the policeman, aren’t you better than the kapos? Cowardice might be forgiven in a concentration camp. But right now? In this liberal world?

Think about it the next time you complain: isn’t our (your own!) submission to organizations the root of evil?