Strolling through first world cities, one wonders: what do all these people do? They are not producing goods. They are not building or maintaining infrastructure. Those who provide services have to push them so hard, that one wonders if everybody wouldn’t be happier without them. One would hope that the rest of us are busy developing innovative products to improve the human condition at some local and global levels.

But are we?

Unfortunately, we are too busy stealing from the ones producing (and if nothing is left, from each other) to have the time to do anything useful. That doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been progress through times. Whereas stealing was often done through force and brutality, it has evolved to be done through ruse. Most producers of essential goods and services don’t question why they have to work so hard for so little pay. Like most swindlers don’t question where their income come from.

With little respect for producers, most people actually aspire to become a chief swindler. Producing is hard work, and the results are stolen anyway. Better go into law, finance, administration, management, advertising or politics.

In progressive countries, the rationale for the existence of employment is that most people are too dumb and need some kind of structure. Like slaves needed the whip of their owners. Oh, but we got rid of slavery after all. Shouldn’t the next step be to get rid of the employment of producers by swindlers? We don’t need finance, we don’t need management, we don’t need government. Or maybe we need 1% of what exists right now. The rest is a bunch of pyromaniac firefighters, funded by a tax on fire insurance, itself collected by a mafia-run police.

To the aspiring swindler I say: maybe you will become somewhat financially secure, but expect no respect from others. Your true ambition is to steal after all. No matter how important your bullshit job seems to your mom, people see through it. You will try to justify your kind. But in the end, you’ll be a sad, angry, delusional con artist. You won’t even respect yourself.