It might be a little bit early to draw some lessons from the covit, but I’ll try anyways. This way I get a real chance to make a fool of myself when this gets read in the future.

  1. The world runs perfectly fine even though half of the world population is confined at home. Tourism, live entertainment, restaurants, cleaners and most service jobs are not necessary. You can have a good time cooking at home. And just clean your own shit. Stop relying on exploited and badly paid labor to take care of you while you waste your time at some bullshit job.
  2. Why are governments pushing to reopen the economy as fast as possible? So that the underclass doesn’t fall in poverty they say. Why don’t we just provide basic universal income. Results will be the same and we’ll waste less environmental resources. But we’d rather have these people starve rather than show that the current system only serves the few at the top. We’d rather bail out corrupt and inefficient business rather than feed and house the less fortunate. You’ll tell me: but we can’t finance basic income. Of course we can. Most people already eat. The resources are already consumed. The question is: do we really need to force them to work under the threat of starvation when point 1 shows that we don’t need their labor? Lesser crime, but this also applies to white collar workers (sometimes dumb enough to call themselves privileged). Do we really need to have educated people going through the senseless motions under the threat of social exclusion? Oh god, they might actually think if they stopped!
  3. The guys that are actually essential are also really badly paid and have shitty work conditions. Cashiers are risking their health for one tenth of what people comfortably working from home earn. The furloughed guys, idling at home, also make more. The link between productive work and income is getting thinner and thinner. And we think: I’m glad it’s not me. Better hold on to this bullshit well-paid job! But you know, the class above you is already coming after your comfortable life. Live by exploiting, die exploited.
  4. Central banking does not benefit the people. Over-leveraged investors gamblers are once again being bailed out of their poor investments, leaving the tab to disposed future generations.
  5. Now on the positive side: the covit made us aware, or even, dare I say, gave us the proof that our current system is oppressive, unjust and inefficient. How we act on this knowledge will show a lot about our true character.

Stay home. Don’t be a coward for once.